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Frequenty Asked Questions


Am I registering my child in a child care centre on this site?

No, on this site you can complete and submit an application for child care that will be automatically sent to the child care centre(s) of your choice. Once a space becomes available, you will be contacted by the child care centre for registration.


Can I apply to more than one childcare centre?

Yes, you may apply to as many centres as you wish. Your choices will be determined by the information you submit on your application. You will be contacted by the child care centre where a space first becomes available. If you accept this space, you still have the option of remaining on one or more other waitlists.


How long will I have to wait for a space?

If no space is immediately available to you, the amount of time you will wait is determined by many factors. You may contact any child care centre to find out when they anticipate space availability.

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